French director Camille Delamarre is best known for action-packed films produced by Europacorp such as « Brick Mansions » starring Paul Walker and « The Transporter 4 » with Ed Skrein. 

Camille Delamarre worked as an editor for several years, which led him naturally to directing. He edited several box office hits produced by Luc Besson, including « Colombiana », « Lock-out » and « Taken 2 » with Liam Neeson, the 2nd highest-grossing film ever made in France. 

He started his career by working on music videos and then on commercials for a number of global beauty and automotive brands such as Peugeot, Hyundai or L’Oreal.

His style combines beautiful images and a lifestyle atmosphere with a very modern cut. He adds his own unmistakable art direction and he likes to operate the camera himself.

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Into the Night Season 2 _ Official Trailer _ Netflix

Into the Night - Season 2